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May 24, 2021


      When there is something, you do not want to do, or you are afraid to do, or that challenges you, procrastination slips in.  And you find reasons not to do that, which is before you.  You push it to the side, but it always is there, there looming over you, looming before you, but never addressed, never done.  And so, it is with you, in the evening, and in the sun.  Once you step-up, and do that, which you do not want to do, that, which you are afraid to do, or that, which challenges you, it is done.  It is no longer looming over you, or before you.  It is done, and behind you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do you know: that thing you do not want to do; that person you do not want to speak with; that project you do not want to complete?  Of course, you do.  There is always something, that you put off doing, because it seems so hard, so difficult, to face.  But, until you face it, it is always there, waiting, causing great despair, and worry, and concern.  The Way to free yourself, is to do it.  No matter how much you do not want to do it, do it.  And then, it will be done, and behind you, and you will be free of it.  Take the step.  Make the phone call.  Write the letter.  Complete the project.  Whatever is looming over you, it is time for you to rise-up, and do.


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