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May 25, 2020


      It does not matter how completely you are bound, wrapped in darkness, I AM only a thought away.  It does not matter how completely you are ensnared in sorrow and sadness, locked in isolation there, I AM only a whisper away.  Do not sink deeper into darkness, do not permit the hands of isolation and sadness to hold you where you are, for I AM here to show you The Way to The Light of a new day.  Call on Me, and I will see, and show you The Way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are times, as you live upon the Earth, when you feel stuck, when it seems as if you cannot move, when there is a feeling that there is no light, only darkness.  It is important, when you feel this way, to acknowledge that darkness has gripped you, that sadness has ensnared you, and remember: to think of God; to whisper the name of God.  That is all there is to begin the journey to The Light.  God is with you.  Use your free will and escape darkness and shadow, and The Hand will guide you, and His Words will show you The Way.