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May 25, 2021


      Only when you are still, and quiet, will you come to know Me better.  When you are still, and quiet, you feel My Presence, with you.  When you are still, and quiet, you begin to understand the meaning, of the words, that: Heaven is near to you; Heaven is with you; Heaven is within you.  Heaven is within you, in the form of My Holy Spirit, within you.  When you are still, and quiet, you begin to feel this, and know this.  And your every breath becomes, as the tides of the ocean, in and out; so much power, breathing in and out, taking in, that of Earth, so that you might go within to sit with, that of Heaven.  And knowing this, you acknowledge that, every breath you take, every inhalation, and exhalation, is a prayer, maintains your body, sustains the life of your physical body, while you, in quiet, within, sustain the life of your spiritual body, the spirit that is you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you make it a practice, each day, to find a place, to find a way, to be still, and quiet, you are quickly rewarded; because you find that, within your sacred self, you are a combination of Heaven and Earth.  You are a walking prayer, a song of glory, a citizen of Heaven, upon the Earth.  And, when this happens, when this realization is ignited, within you, you are at peace.