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May 26, 2019

   Live your life upon the Earth as if you know The Truth.  Forgive
all things, as you walk upon the Earth, as if you understand the
importance of forgiveness.  Do not hesitate to let The Glory of
The Dimension of Heaven shine through you.  Bring forth The

And The Holy Spirit says:

   It is not so much what you say that will show The Way,
because words you speak can be twisted and turned, and
manipulated in such a way that they end up upside-down,
inside-out.  Live the words you want to say because In this way,
your life cannot be ripped apart, and turned upside-down.  Do not
be afraid.  Live love.  Love all people.  Live in The Light, because
you are The Light.  Come to the understanding that you are
The Light of The World.  Do not cover your Light.  Let it shine.
If you let The Light shine, you become a reflection of all that
is good, and living such a life carries more weight than the
words you might say.  The words will be forgotten, but
The Way you lived will not be forgotten.