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May 26, 2019

          “I AM with you.  I can reach-out and touch you.  When you are walking, if you desire, you can feel My presence with you.  When you are sitting alone, if it is your intention, you will know I too am sitting there with you.  When you open to the possibilities of all the miracles, you begin to understand that Heaven is with you.  Heaven is near to you.  Heaven is not a distant place, or a planet in space.  Heaven is with you, now.                   


          “Over two thousand years ago I walked and talked with those I gathered around Me, for I loved them so.  And, I did lead them into new truths, new understandings, new ways.  I delivered every message I was intended and meant to deliver.  I fulfilled every prophecy set forth in the old scriptures, because that was My mission to do; therefore, it was done, it was accomplished.  And then, I began to pave the road, to show The Way, to say, ‘this is how you do it.’  There is not one question that you could think of to ask that has not already been answered. 

          “I would like you to put yourself in the place of those who lived with Me, when I had a physical body.  Many of their names are familiar to you.  You know their names.  Now, put yourself there.  I do not love them any more than I love you.  I do not love you any less.  I love you all, because that was the message sent from God.  Love without qualification.  It is not yours to judge.  It is not yours to condemn.  It is not your place to make these decisions.  It is your place to love, because by loving you make The Way easier for those who need that love.  You make their path easier.  Love them.  Love all people.  This is what I told those who followed Me, and this is what I tell those of you who follow Me today.  Love one another.  They will know you, all people will know you, by the abundance of love that flows through you without barriers, or walls, or windows, or doors.  Do not be afraid of anything.  What do you have to fear, if you believe?  Nothing!  Move over the Earth without fear, and they will know you by your lack of fear.  Be bold about your daily approach to stick to The Source of The Light.  Be kind to all people.  Measure your words, but live fully, and completely.  Let your life be as a sentence that has no period.  Let your life be as a book that has no end.  Let compassion burn brightly, as a star in the sky, but let that star of compassion be within you.  When you stand-up, stand-up with Light.  When you move through the world be The Light.  Do not push anyone from you.  No matter how lowly the world might consider them, open your arms and embrace another child of God. 

         “Everything has been set before you.  You know what to do.  Do not get caught-up in the verbiage, or who is doing this or that, or whether they are doing it the wrong way.  These are distractions keeping you from doing what is right, what is good, what is of The Light.  Let all the world know you by your lack of fear, and your abundance of love.”