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May 26, 2021



      When one you love, is being ridiculed, and mocked, set upon, misjudged, shamed, in any way, it can be a temptation to support, the one you love, by denouncing those who curse, those who judge, those who ridicule.  Gather your loved one, in your arms, and talk, of all that is good, within them.  Lift them up, by showing them the strengths, that are theirs, the gifts, that are theirs.  And, in this way, turn their ears from the taunters, and the chiders, and the deriders.  You cannot lift one up, by pounding another down.  Bring forth the light of truth to illuminate your loved one, with their value and worth.  And then, on their own, they will rise above any occasion, without attempting to destroy another.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Turn the other cheek.  These words, most of you, have heard often.  But, the complete meaning, the layers, and layers, of meaning, held within these few words, will come to you, slowly, as The Light of God illuminates you, and you boldly rise-up, and stand, before anyone, and turn the other cheek, listening to God, rather than the taunts and temptations of man.


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