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May 27, 2019

Every service you perform on behalf of, or for, another, you too
receive the gift.  It is impossible to be kind to another without
kindness ringing-out throughout your entire body.  In this gift
of kindness another’s prayer for kindness is answered.  You
answered the prayer for kindness.  The prayer and the answer
become one in the act of kindness.  Any service done for another,
or for many, is the same thing.  It might be on a grander scale,
the more noble the service, but it is still the same thing.  You
cannot perform a good deed without the good deed reverberating
throughout your being.  You soon begin to see that what one
does for another is done for all.  That energy, held in that act of
service of giving, of providing, freely and willingly, goes out
from that
one place, where the action is performed, and moves.
It moves upon The Wind.  It cannot be denied.  It is a prayer.
It is an answer.  It is one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

Be eager for the opportunity to serve.  While the outward
sign is service for another, the inner reality is it is for you.
You feel better when you do for others.  You know this to
be true.  Therefore, embrace each opportunity to serve, be
it your country, your state, your county, your city, your
community, or your family or friends.

Embrace the opportunity, and be the answer to a prayer.