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May 27, 2020


      I AM speaking to you, especially those of you who feel: you are in a state of discontent; you are longing for a gentle touch, or a kind word; you are waiting to be held tenderly; you are waiting to feel compassion and understanding streaming from someone else to you; you are waiting to be loved.  I say, “I love you.”  Nothing will ever change that.  But today I want you to live within My song of love for you.  If you pay attention to what is happening around you, you will begin to feel the strains of My song of love for you move into you, and the notes will touch you, and hold you gently and tenderly.  Within each note you will feel compassion and understanding.  So today, let us walk in the world together, Me singing My song of love to you, and you hearing it, and embracing it, and allowing it to renew your spirit.

And The Holy Spirit says: 

      Every day you are surrounded and filled from within, with the song of God’s love for you.  And if you pay attention, as you make your way through the day, you will hear it.  You will hear the notes rise and fall, like a symphony carried on the wind.  There will be gentle parts, which caress you, and you hear the words much as you do when you walk by a stream or a brook.  You will feel the tenderness as you do when you look-up and see a deer, quenching its thirst, at the water’s edge, for God’s song of love for you is living, and it is all around you.  Those gentle times are sweet.  But then the notes rise and fall with a majesty and with intensity that will remind you of waves crashing on a beach, with drops of the salty water flying up into the air, appearing as if they are gems, dancing in the sunlight, suspended all around you.  It is (in) listening to the song of God’s love for you that you can hear grains of sand, as they are scattered here and there by the wind.  You can feel the refrain as it approaches, held in the leaves and branches of the trees, encircling you, coming back over and over again, repeating the same lines in a song that your soul remembers, and the words are sweet.  God’s love song to you is real, and it lives.  Look around you today and see it, hear it, feel it, be wrapped within it.  Be renewed in God’s love song to you. 


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