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May 27, 2021


      When your day is unfolding, and nothing is wrong, and everything is right, the sky is blue, the day is bright, seek Me, with the same fervor, with which you sought Me, when the day was dark, and grey, and filled with clouds, and you felt alone.  Seek Me in the good times.  Seek Me, when there is no challenge, when there is no obstacle.  Seek Me, when you are joyful, so that we can share the joy, as well as learn from the challenges.  You do not have a friend, or a family member, or someone you love, who you only speak to, when you are in times of trial, going through something challenging, difficult.  You talk to that friend, all the time, and you share the joy, and you share the times of the lessons.  That way you know each other, well.  Well, this is how I wish for you to know Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Speak with God, when the only thing, that is on your heart, is a song of delight, and joy.  Seek the presence, and the company, of God, in times of laughter, and dance.  It will make your relationship, with God, balanced.  You will know each other.  And you will know The Ways of God, in times of joy, as well, as The Ways, and The Wisdom, of Heaven, in times of challenge, and trial.  Seek the presence of God every day, and in this way, you will come to know The Ways of God, and The Wisdom of Heaven.