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May 28, 2020



      It is helpful, and important, to take the journey within, and to look at incidents, happenings, and occurrences, of the past, in such a way, that you no longer hold anger, or frustration, or sorrow, or sadness about something that has happened, that is done, that is over; because, until you find a way to forgive and bless, and turn all that has happened in your past into a glorious lesson, a lesson from which you can learn how to move forward, not in just your present temporary life, but into your eternal life, until you can change that which is within you to be The Book of Lessons, then it has the ability to hinder you in your forward moving progress.  The truth is, until it has all been arranged, and set in place, so that your past is a lesson, and you face tomorrow, and all other days, equipped with lessons, everything that comes to you will be colored, or tinted, by what is held within you.  Be mindful that it is necessary, for good forward progress, to check that which you carry within you.  Make sure there is no hatred, or anger, or frustration, or sadness, no negative feelings, in any way.  As you practice doing this, you will find that those you once thought were your enemy, or those who disrupted you in any way, were actually teachers, bringing lessons to help you along The Way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You might find this difficult to believe, but I assure you it is true.  That which you hear, and process, is pushed through a sieve of that which is within you.  Everyone hears the same words in a slightly different way, depending on that which is within them.  This gives you two opportunities: to take care of your inner being first, and clear yourself, in such a way, that you carry lessons for a new day; and then, choose your words wisely, speak of love, speak of light, speak of compassion and understanding.  Speak as God would have you speak.