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May 28, 2021


      I created Earth, and all things of the Earth, out of My love.  My love gave birth to the Earth, to: that which lives within the Earth, upon the Earth, and flies above the Earth; that which lives in the oceans, and the seas, and all the waters of Earth; that which grows, and thrives, upon the Earth.  All, I created, came forth, from My love.  And because it was created with love, and love alone, it is sacred.  You too are My creation, created from love.  You are sacred.  Take care of My creation, in a way that shows, that you know, it is sacred.  Let The Wisdom of Heaven guide you to know, how to care for all of creation, because how you care for, My creation, is a way, in which, you honor Me, almost every minute, of the day.  Remember, all, that I created, is sacred.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Begin to look at God’s great creation, saying first, “It is sacred.”  For, this will lead you to a new understanding, of the beauty, of this vast creation, of God, which is called Earth.  You can look at a majestic waterfall, in wonder, and see its power, and beauty; but, if you whisper, “It is sacred,” first, you see it from a different perspective.  You see it, as created by God, not something to interest you, or please you, or fascinate you, or entertain you.  It is, because, it is, of God.  And it is sacred.