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May 29, 2020


      For those of you who are seeking to be healthy, and strong, and at peace, and happy, I tell you: the prescription for health is good food and proper rest, and you know where to find the food, you know how to get the rest; the prescription for strength is to move, is to exercise, is to stretch, is to take part in doing manual labor, and you know where you can exercise, and stretch, and walk, and you know where you can apply manual labor; the prescription for happiness and peace is to create, within yourself, and supplement within yourself, My love, My compassion, My understanding, My charity, you know where to find these things, they are within you.  But it is important to remember, that while you hold the receipt for a basket of healthy food, it requires that you do something.  You make a choice to eat the food.  You might hold a membership in a local gym, but it requires you to do something.  You must exercise your body.  And you might know about love, and kindness, and generosity, you might read about these things, but to create them you must do something.  You have the prescriptions for a healthy, strong body, and a healthy, strong spirit, which will bring you peace and happiness, but you must do something.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you set-out to create a healthy body, by eating the right food, sometimes it can be a challenge.  But you find, as you go along the way, eating fruits and vegetables that are good for you, it becomes a part of you, and health becomes a part of you.  It can be demanding and challenging to exercise and move your body, but once you make that start it becomes easier and easier to do, and soon it becomes a part of you, a strong body.  But one of the most challenging things to do, when you are seeking peace and happiness, is to turn your thoughts from shadow and darkness toward the light and create: love; and charity; and compassion; and forgiveness, forgiveness is important; understanding.  Taking the first steps toward(s) peace and happiness is one thing; but continuing to feed your thoughts with light and love, and strengthen your thoughts with kindness and compassion, this requires work, it requires attention and intention.  But the result is peace and happiness.  So today, eat some good food, take a long walk, and fill your thoughts with thoughts of light, and you will truly feel healthier, stronger, happier, and you will end this day in peace.