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May 29, 2021



      I AM near to you.  I AM with you.  You carry My Spirit, within you.  This is how I hear you, even when your head is lowered, and the words you speak, are as a whisper, I hear you.  For the truth is, you need not speak at all.  I AM so close to you that I know you.  I know what is on your heart.  So, come, and sit, with Me.  Sit with Me, in the present piece of eternity, and we will grow closer, together.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is a joyous day, when you realize the truth, in the words, you have heard, most of your life, probably: that God is, near to you; that Heaven is, with you; The Spirit of God is, within you; Heaven is, within you.  When this becomes truth, for you, then it becomes easier, for you to lower your head, and retreat, from the world, so that you might sit with God.  I AM with you.  I will not fail you.  I know your value, and your worth, for I AM The Spirit of God, within you.  Hear Me, for it is so.  Believe Me, and let it be.