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May 3, 2019

   Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness, when it is necessary; for, in asking
for forgiveness you give the other the opportunity to extend their heart
and their hand in the act of forgiveness.  Whenever this needs to be done,
whenever it is the appropriate thing to do, do so, because in the asking
you will be forgiven.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   Forgiveness is a circle.  It is a clean circle.  It is a beautiful circle.
Parties, who once were upset, or angry with each other, or held resentment
against each other, come clean in the circle of forgiveness.  The one who
asks will be forgiven by the hand of God, and by another heart.  The one
who extends their heart and their hand in forgiveness will be blessed
by the hand of God, many times over.  See forgiveness as a beautiful
circle wherein all parties are held sacred, and are healed and made whole.