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May 3, 2020



      I wish for you to know the value of a good investment.  It is possible to save your money, and put all your trust in a banking institution, and have the banking institution fail, and leave you with very little money.  It is possible for you to purchase insurance, guaranteeing that your bills will be covered if you become ill, and must go to the hospital, or have many treatments; yet it is possible that this insurance institution will fail you when you need it most, leaving your funds depleted, and your health weakened.  It is possible for you to put monetary support into religious institutions, hoping that in this way your spiritual life will be cared-for in a loving way, and have this religious institution fail you, tempting you to feel as if your spiritual life has been uprooted, bankrupted, leaving you with nothing.  There is a way to invest in a solid future, a future that goes on forever.  The unseen bank of The Kingdom of Heaven will not fail you, it will avail you every opportunity to store-up treasures of kindness, and charity, and compassion, and generosity, patience, and forgiveness, and any other noble attribute you can think of.  And when you make a deposit of kindness, your deposit of kindness will be multiplied many-fold.  Invest wisely, in that which cannot be taken from you!

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your real treasure is not in your wallet, or your pocketbook, or in a vault in a bank somewhere.  Your real treasure cannot be diminished.  You carry it within you, and the only way you can lose this treasure is for you to choose to throw it away, or not use it.  It is yours, and no one has dominion over that which you carry within you.  Their decisions cannot diminish that which is yours.  While you are upon the Earth, you have an opportunity to multiply the gifts you have been given, and as you do it, it will be a sign of the glory of God within you.