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May 3, 2020



          ”I AM with you.  My joy, in touching you in this way, I give to you, so you can experience My joy, and make it your joy, as well; for when you close your eyes to the world created by man, and take My hand to walk over the Earth, seeing the beauty of God’s creation through My eyes, you will know the value and great gift it is for you to have the opportunity to live upon the Earth, and to bless the Earth with all that is yours to give.   


          “As you live your life upon the Earth, and as you grow in years, maturing to adulthood, you see many things, learn many lessons, you are taught what to do in certain situations.  Some of the teachings lean more toward financial preparation.  How to save money so you have a support system when things go wrong in the world of finance.  You are taught that it is a good idea to purchase insurance policies: to guarantee that health care will be covered; to guarantee that you car can be repaired; to guarantee that your life will be covered, when you return Home, and your family needs the funds to continue.  You are taught it is a good idea to support institutions that are important to you, to how you think, to what you think is good for the world, and all those around you; so you support arts and science; you support churches and schools.  And there are many more ways to use the finances that are yours to insure what comes your way will not destroy the life you have come to know.  But I tell you the longer you live, you see institutions fail and crumble, taking with it (them) your trust and your misplaced finances.  These things seemed good, but the results seemed harmful.  Placing your trust in something temporary can often not achieve the goal you desired.  It is part of living on Earth, you must accept that which comes your way, and bounce-back to live another day. 

          “But there is one way, that you can invest, with certainty.  Your investment will not be something you can hold in your hands, or count with your fingers, but your investments will be doubled, and doubled many-fold; and you can deposit or withdraw, with no service charge at all.  And that which you deposit in this unseen bank will be with you forever.  When it is time to withdraw, you may withdraw, while your deposits keep earning and multiplying and growing.  I give you an example.  If you wake-up one morning, and you feel kindness welling-up with you, this is good.  So you begin your day, and the first person you encounter along The Way is the beneficiary of your gift of kindness.  And as you part ways, you continue your day, but that person you encountered also continues their day, and the next person they encounter is the beneficiary of the kindness that you have established within them; so what began with one, and became two, is now four, and throughout the day, this kindness, that began as a seed within you, continues to grow in value; and where there was one, then two, then four, there becomes eight, then sixteen, then thirty-two, then sixty-four.  By the end of the day your gift of kindness has touched more than one hundred people.  Your gift of kindness has touched more than one hundred people!  Think on this.  Think about what you could do, not only with kindness, but with compassion, and forgiveness, understanding and charity.  All of these valuable gifts you carry within you, can be multiplied over and over.  It is the best way to invest in the future of the world, and it is the best way to invest in your eternal life.

          “I AM not saying that it is wrong to bank money, to purchase insurance, to attend churches and support them.  I AM saying do not do this and ignore the great treasure that you carry within, which can be multiplied every day, which will not be diminished, unless you are willing to throw it away.  This is banking on your eternal life.  Do not ignore the opportunity that you have been given to create a wealth of kindness, and love, forgiveness, compassion, charity, all these things that you carry within.  Use the treasure that you have brought to Earth well.  Do not ignore it, and do not throw it away.”