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May 3, 2022


      Bring me your anxiety, and I will give you confidence.  Bring Me your fear, and I will give you love.  Bring Me your doubt, and I will give you truth.  Bring me your anger, and I will give your My peace.  Bring Me your sorrow, and I will give you joy.  Bring Me your grief, and I will give you understanding.  Bring Me that, which plagues you, and I will give you that, which you need to be restored.  And, as you are restored, you are renewed.  And, as you are renewed, you are healed, and made whole.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For everything, which ails your body, your spirit, your soul, there is a gift of light, which comes from God, illuminating the shadow, and darkness, so the truth can be seen: and, in the light, you do see; and, the truth is your freedom; and, as you embrace freedom, you step onto the path; and, as you take, every step, upon the path, of enlightenment, you come to know, The Way.