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May 30, 2020


      In the world around you, you can hear anger, and see hatred.  In the world around you, you can hear kindness, and see love.  Let your kindness be heard.  Let your love be seen.  Reject the calls of anger, reject the deeds of hatred, and let your kindness and love rise above them.  Be still, and come sit with Me: for, in My presence you will feel The Light, within My whisper you will hear The Love, within My teaching you will know The Way; for, My Kingdom is a Kingdom of Light and Love, and My Kingdom is within you.  Therefore, do not go into the kingdom of darkness and shadow.  Come, sit with Me in The Kingdom of Light and Love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is important not to be distracted.  Let your thoughts be still for a while.  Be quiet, so you can hear The Whisper within you.  Be still, so The Whisper will touch you.  And then, rise-up in The Light and Love of God, and let your thoughts reflect what is happening within you, because while the world around you cannot read your thoughts, or see your thoughts, or hear your thoughts, they can know your thoughts through the words you speak, and the deeds you do.  Your words and your deeds bring your thoughts into the world created by man.  Today, let your thoughts and deeds reflect The Love and The Light of God, and The Kingdom within you.