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May 30, 2021



      There comes a time, to each one, upon the Earth, to feel My Presence, to hear My Whisper.  I knock on the door, and wait, for you to answer.  If you are living in chaos, and confusion, and noise, and chatter, it can be difficult to hear The Whisper, to hear the knock, to feel The Presence, with you.  But just because you do not hear, or feel, My call, does not mean that it did not come to you, at all.  It means you were too distracted to answer.  Pay attention.  Be vigilant.  Move slowly.  Speak softly.  Choose carefully, where you go, and what you do, so that there is always the possibility, that when I call to you, you hear Me, and feel My Presence, and can answer the call.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I was sent to guide, each one of you, from within your being, so you would know what to do, what to say, where to go.  But all the direction, and all the guidance, is useless, if it falls on ears, which will not hear.  Every question, you have, will be answered, if you come, and be still, and sit with Me.  For, I was sent to show you The Way, to give you guidance, every day.  There is nothing too small, or nothing too grand, which cannot be resolved, when you take My hand, and follow, as I lead you, each day.