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May 30, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you, so that you might know The Way.  I AM with you, when you call, for assistance.  I AM with you: to remind you of the words I did say, when I walked upon the Earth, of the deeds I did do, when I walked upon the Earth; to remind you of that which I said, the important words, which were left with you, to be constant signs, for you, so you would know The Way.  So come, let us walk into this day.         


      “As I walked upon the Earth, and talked, with those I loved, it soon became obvious, that the ways of the world, made it very difficult, even for those, who were trying to comprehend, what I was saying, because the ways of the world, are the ways of ego.  The world teaches you: how to take care of yourself, your body, your needs, the needs of your family; how to feed them, and clothe them, and shelter them.  But these ways, are to teach you how to sustain you.  And the ways of the world can be, in this way, rather isolating, and isolated.  You are isolated, because of your desire to take care of you, and your family, first.

      “It was very different, what I was teaching.  I was teaching to give, when you are asked to give, and give even more.  That can be a trial, a challenge, when someone asks you for something, and you do not want to share it, because of your concern, that down the road, you might need it, and you gave it away.  But you see, these thoughts, these concerns, and worries, are the ways of the world.  They are not the ways of God.  What comes to you, let it flow through you, and out to others.  Give.  Love without limitation.  Love without boundaries.  Love.  My teachings were not of the world.  My teachings are, still are, of Heaven.  My encouragement, and support, to those I loved, was so they might bring Heaven onto the Earth, more completely, more fully, because I tell you Heaven is with you.  But you are blind, and you cannot hear.  You are not aware that it is here.  Therefore, for you, it is not.  But for those, who will take My words, and make them their own, Heaven is with them, every minute.  And everywhere they go, everywhere they roam, Heaven is there, as well.

      “Do not give-up that which is already yours.  Do not ignore that which is already yours.  When it was clear, that those I loved might fall into doubt, and return to the ways of the world, I asked that The Holy Spirit be sent forth, to dwell, within each of you, even to this day.  It was not just for a few.  It was for all of you, so that you might know The Way.  Do not ignore The Wisdom of Heaven, that is yours.  But to know, and to hear, the guidance, that is meant, especially for you, you must be willing to be still, and quiet, and sit, and ask for guidance.  And The Holy Spirit will tell you exactly where to go, and what to do.

      “Nothing has been left undone, by The Hand of God.  You have The Wisdom of Heaven, within you, to know The Way.  God did not leave the children of Earth to be lost, and alone.  You have The Wisdom, within you, today.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Ask, and you will know The Way.”