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May 31, 2019

Close your hands, tightly.  Now, open your hands, and reach-out.
Repeat closing your hands, and opening your hands, paying close
attention to the action of doing so.  Realize, if your hands are closed,
it is very difficult to use them in any way.  It is difficult to hold
hands with someone.  It is difficult to feed yourself or another.
It is difficult to clothe yourself or another.  It is difficult to catch
anything which comes your way.  Live your life upon Earth with
open hands.

And The Holy Spirit says:

It will be difficult to receive and share all the blessings and gifts
coming your way today, if you will not let go of the past.  You are
meant to live in the present. 
Embrace today with open hands, open
heart, open spirit and soul.  Embrace the present piece of eternity
that is yours, today.