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May 31, 2020




      Doubt will rob you of realizing My glory within you to its fullest potential; and fear will hold you in place, when you could be rising-up, filled with grace!  There will come times, throughout your life upon Earth, when you are covered with doubt, or gripped with fear.  That is the time for you to whisper My name, so you know I AM near.  And by saying My name, the doubt disappears.  And by repeating My name, you overpower the fear.  This is done, with My Glory, and Grace!

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Believe, I AM within you; for, it is true.  When you believe this, and doubt or fear capture you, you will spend more time going within to listen to My counsel, than you do running from here to there, asking others what you should do, to cast-out doubt, to cast-out fear.  I tell you, remember I AM near, I AM within you!  I will guide you, every step of The Way!  Believe!