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May 31, 2020




      “I AM with you.  And you believe I AM with.  By faith we draw closer and closer together because you believe.  Our conversations are from within.  No one can hear that which we say to one another.  But we know our intentions are upon our hearts, and I AM with you.  We converse with thought.  Let us continue our communion all through this day.  It is time, you are ready.  Let us walk and greet the new day.                  


      “Many of you today are celebrating an event that happened thousands of years ago.  You are celebrating what has come to be call Pentecost.  Today, I wish to address the events around Pentecost, and how knowing of them can help you to grow in a way of life that is divine and sacred.  Many of these things you remember, you recall reading, they have been taught to you, and this is true.  Those I gathered near to Me grew to love Me, understand Me, and to believe in Me, as we walked together.  We were so close we knew, sometimes, what the other was thinking.  It was clear when they understood what I said from the look on their faces; or, from another look on their face that they did not understand what I was saying.  Often, they did not understand, but as we walked, and talked, they let My words soak into them, so that believing in Me instilled in them believing the words I was saying.  Beyond what they could comprehend, they believed.  They believed when I said, I AM here, I AM with you, I have been sent from Our Father, I AM The Messiah.  And so, we walked, and talked, and they believed in Me, and they left all they had to support Me.  Now, can you imagine the joy they felt when a crowd of people called out My name, and sang songs, and laid palm fronds before My donkey, so that I could ride into a city hailed as The Messiah?  It was as if it were a dream come true, something that they wished and hoped for, but never thought would happen.  And there, before their eyes, it was happening.  And then, within hours, I was hanging upon a cross.

      “This would shake any to see such brutality and agony play-out before your eyes, add to it that one who had walked with them, and with Me, was the one person who they felt had handed Me over to be murdered.  Yet, after the horrific event occurred, they witnessed My rising-up.  Another promise fulfilled for them to see and know Me, not in a temporary basis, in a body, but to know Me eternally.  They could see I was risen.  They needed Me to stay with them for a while, so I did.  I finished lessons, restored their faith, filled them with promise, and as I had said, the time came, and I returned Home.  But not before the promise was made, the promise to send another, through Our Father, to be with them forever, The Counselor from Heaven, The Holy Spirit of God, dwelling within each of them, guiding them; in fact, guiding all who would listen.  They knew this.  They knew the promise, but still, when I was gone, doubt slipped in and opened the door for fear to follow.

      “They hid, cowering in a room together, afraid to go out, afraid to move, afraid.  And as they hid there, the doubt grew.  The dust of doubt covered them, slipping into cracks and crevices of their faith, dimming the light, denying them glory, and the shadows, created by an accumulation of this dust of doubt, made it possible for fear to slip into place.  They did not even want to go out.  This was what was happening when the promise was fulfilled, and The presence of The Holy Spirit was announced by a mighty wind, a wind so strong and powerful, and earth-moving, that the dust of doubt was scattered by The Wind; and fear was crushed, strangled, no longer the power it once had been, shielded by the dust of doubt.

      “It was instantaneous, the majestic sound of a roaring wind brought them to their knees, and then, as they were cleared of doubt and fear, they rose-up and could see above each other the tongues of fire.  The Holy Spirit was within them.  They not only knew what their ministry was, what their calling was to do, they had the faith, and the courage, and the confidence, to go out and do what they had once been afraid to do.

      “Today I tell you, this same Wind is within you.  The Holy Spirit of God is within you.  Acknowledge The Presence and: feel this dust of doubt, that might have settled on you, scatter; feel fear be denied, chased from you on The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God.  And know The Fire is within you, and it will illuminate all things.  To use this gift God has sent to you, you must be still and quiet, and ask for guidance, and rise-up and do that which you are being led to do, because today, in the world created by man, there are many things that are set before you.  Something is set before each of you, and you know it is yours to do, yet it might be something you do not want to do, something you are afraid to do, something you might doubt you can do.  When these feelings grip you, you can be assured they can be overcome, if you will rise-up, put your faith in The Holy Spirit of God, and move forward.  Just as the disciples rose-up, and one by one left the room, and walked-out amongst the people of the city, you too will find the courage and the strength to rise-up, and go do what is yours to do.

      “Today, rid yourself of the dust of doubt, shake the mantle of fear from you, and stand-up.  Let The Glory of God, and The Grace of God, shine from you, because The Holy Spirit of God dwells within you.”