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May 31, 2021


      Do not mock, belittle, or make fun of, those: who seem to have an endless supply of positive energy; who see the good in everyone, no matter what the situation; who can always find a light, even in the darkest of situations.  For these precious ones, are not slow, they do not lack intelligence.  They are the possessors of a full heart, and a wisdom within, which lights The Way for them, and all who are around them.  They smile when others cannot.  They sing when others cannot.  And they dance when others cannot.  So, when others are caught in worry, or fear, or doubt, or frustration, those, who hold, within them, these very full hearts, will be the song, and the dance, and the smile, until you too return to the song, to the dance, and wear a smile.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Seek those who have a happy heart, and stay in their company, as much as possible, because it is contagious this happiness, this joy.  Stay with those, who find good, in all things.  For no matter how small the good might be, when the focus, when the light, is on the smallest piece of good, it shines, it grows, it gets bigger.  Seek the company of those who are joyous, happy, and filled with love.