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May 4, 2021



      Stop judging, even before it begins.  Renounce the energy of judgment, outright.  The Way to rise above judging others, or yourself, takes practice.  And this will help you practice.  When you see a flower garden, and one flower is red, and another is yellow, you see the flowers.  You know that one is red, and one is yellow, but you do not judge them harshly, because one is red, and the other is yellow.  You see and know.  When you see one bird, soaring high, and another flitting from branch to branch, you see, and you know.  But you do not judge, one bird for soaring, and other for flitting.  No.  You see and you know.  When you see one person, who is large of frame, and another, who is slight of frame, see, and know, and let it go.  Do not judge the one, who is slight.  Do not judge the one, who is full.  Practice not judging others, nor yourself.  Most of the time, during your day, you see, and know, and let it go.  But there are thoughts, which trigger judgment, almost instantly.  And you know, the trigger, which prompts your thoughts, to judgment.  Practice with the thoughts, which are leading you astray, down The Path of Judgment.  Practice, until you have perfected, “see, and know, and let it go.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes burdens are heavy, because you have overstuffed the sack, you are carrying, with judgments of others, or yourself.  It is not necessary to carry the weight of such burdens.  God has not given judgement to you; therefore, it is not yours to do.  But still, the temptation is there, to judge someone for what they wear, or the length, or the color, of their hair.  Judgment is insidious.  It sneaks into the course of the day, and soon becomes a part of you.  The temptations to judge are many, and often powerful.  But even as they come, flying to you, you can practice, so you know what to do.  Whenever you are tempted to judge, “see, know, and let it go.”