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May 5, 2019

   Fill a clear glass with clean, fresh water.  Then, using a dropper of red
food coloring, release just one drop into the glass of water.  With one
drop, and one drop only, the water begins to turn red.  The water absorbs
the food coloring, takes on its qualities.  Your human body is mostly water.
One drop of negativity of any kind, whether you create it, or absorb it,
will do the same thing to your personal body of water; and, that which was
once clear and clean will absorb the drop of anger, or hatred, or greed,
or worry, or any such energies.  One drop impacts the entire body of
water.  Now, fill a clear, clean glass with water that is also clear and
clean, and set it in the light, and see how the water reflects the light.
It is beautiful, it holds the light.  This is what happens to your personal
body of water whenever you permit My light to fill you.  My light
is My glory, and your body of water is a reflection of My light, and
My glory.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   Be mindful of what you are creating.  Be mindful of how you
you react to the creations of others.  Do not permit yourself to
be fouled, or sullied, with thoughts which are unclean, which are
shadowy or dark.  Stay in the light.  Call upon the light.  Be the light.
Be the reflection of the light of God that dwells within you.