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May 5, 2019


   “I AM with you.  I AM with you today.  I AM with you to give you advice, to give you My hand, and say, Come, I will show you The Way.  Many cannot understand this communication between the dimensions; but I assure you, it is as real as speaking to the person standing next to you.  The veil is thin, and for those who are willing to be still, and call for help, the veil parts, and direction comes, sometimes in words, sometimes in knowing, sometimes in seeing, sometimes in feeling; but you are not alone.  It is not the intention of those of us who abide wholly within The Kingdom of God to leave you wandering in despair.  It is our intention to send you good news and direction while you are there, so you might enjoy the experience of Earth before you come Home, so that you might bring The Kingdom of God onto the Earth before you come Home.            


   “Many of you might sometimes be concerned about the clothing you wear, or the shoes you wear, or the types of food you eat, or the types of liquid you drink.  You might spend some time arranging, and caring for, the clothing, and the shoes, and the food, and the drink.  But I tell you, these things will not alter that which is within you, that which is your true self.

   “I would share with you today, that in the creation of the human body it came about so that it would be a body of water.  Your physical body is created mostly of water; and water absorbs things, things of all kind.  You can color a body of water with a relatively small amount of something else.  You can take clear, clean water, and by dropping-in some toxic ingredient, you can create water that is poison to drink, or to touch, or to bathe-in. 

   “Whenever you have a thought of anger, or frustration, or despair, or misery of any kind this ‘thought drop’ is absorbed by your personal body of water.  Often, enough ‘thought drops’ of negativity, of anger, or frustration, or greed, or misery, or envy, or hatred will be absorbed by your personal body of water, to such a degree, that you are sick, or filled with disease.  This sounds harsh.  It sounds unpleasant, in many ways; but it is the truth.  As you walk through your regular daily tasks and events, you encounter situations which tempt you to use energies that are shadowy or dark; and, if unchecked, these temptations will become the drop, of whatever you have encountered, which soils your body of water, to some degree.  The people who pass by you, they are also bodies of water, bearing combinations that either they have created, or absorbed.  So, you pass these bodies of water, back and forth, exchanging pleasantries, most of the time, sometimes exchanging words of anger, and when this happens, the bodies of water, become tainted or spoiled.

   “There is a way to clear and clean yourself of any debris; but it takes practice.  It takes practice to hold your tongue, and not react; but, when you begin to understand the result of the reaction, the impact upon your personal body of water that this reaction takes, or has, it becomes easier and easier.  And then, you begin to see what is taking place as lessons, and you begin to bless the lessons, and send the negativity from you, so that you carry with you the lesson, but it is no longer tainted, it is a stepping-stone, it is a way up and out.

   “The best thing you can do is to stay in the light of God, to call upon the light of God to clear and clean you in every way; and, when you call, and when you ask, and when you pray, it shall be done.  It does not matter whether it is day or night, it shall be done.  Ask, and it shall be given unto you, but you must knock on the door, and ask.  Once you have asked, and you feel the cleanliness of the hand of God, and the light of God within you, see your personal body as a reflection of the light, and the glory of God.  Let it fill you, because as the light of God fills you, then the deeds you perform, and the thoughts you create, and the words you say become a reflection of the light of God; and, in this way you celebrate the glory of God.  You bring The Kingdom of God onto the Earth by being the light of God.

   “Today, take some time to clear away all the debris.  Clear-out everything by asking for a blessing, and forgiving all things, seeing everything that has happened in a different light.  See it from a different perspective.  Change the course of your thinking, and the ways of your words and deeds, so that you become the reflection of the glory of God upon Earth.  See Earth this way.  Begin cleaning-up the world created by man this way.  Begin to understand living in The Kingdom of God, while you are upon Earth, this way.  And, begin bringing The Kingdom of God upon Earth this way, for this is truly The Way.”