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May 5, 2020


     I love you.  I love the strongest amongst you, and the weakest amongst you.  I love the most belligerent amongst you, and the most docile amongst you.  I love the angriest amongst you, and the happiest amongst you.  I love you.  Therefore, it is not necessary for you to tear-down another for you to rise, for you are each one precious in My eyes.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Resist the temptation to tear-down another: so that you might rise;; so that you might appear to be the better choice; so that you might be chosen.  Set your goal on loving one another, and being kind, speaking tender words, and performing deeds of goodness; for in the end, there is nothing another can do to keep good deeds from rising so that all might see and know.  Resist the temptation to tear another down, thinking you might grow in the process.  Do not destroy that which God loves.