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May 5, 2021



      Everything you do is a creation, which comes from you.  And the creation holds the energy, that you were using, as you created.  Think on this, awhile.  If you are cutting the grass, in your yard, and you are frustrated, or angry, or sad, or gloomy, those feelings are energies, but more important than that, those feelings are the ingredients, of that which you are doing, that which you are creating.  If you are joyfully sweeping the floor, then joy, is the ingredient, that goes into that creation, moving into the house, into the floor.  You are doing more, than cutting the grass, or sweeping the floor.  You are doing, and as you do, you are creating.  So, while you are doing, while you are creating, check the energies you are using, because they are the ingredients, of that, which you are creating.  If your attitude needs repair, before you cut the grass, before you sweep the floor, pause.  Check the attitude.  Check your intention.  Check your energy.  Everything you do, everything you create, is worthy of the finest ingredients.  Therefore, reject the ingredients of darkness and shadow, and choose the ingredients of light, the ingredients of Heaven.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are busy, most of the time, and as you work, and work harder, you find, you are growing weary, and tired, sometimes even absent of mind.  And it is in these times, that it is easy for the temptations of frustration, or anger, to slip into you, diminishing all that you do.  If it needs to be done, and it is to be done by you, make sure the ingredients you use, are the finest of light.  Reject the ingredients of shadow and darkness, outright, and everything you do, even cutting the grass, and sweeping the floor, will be blessed by you, will shine, with The Light of Heaven.  Let everything you do be divine.  Check your attitude.  Create with Love.