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May 5, 2022




      You think of yourself as a human being, sometimes caught up in a glorious life, upon Earth, other times, shrouded in darkness, and shadow, sorrow, and grief, anger, and frustration.  But that is not who you are.  You are an aspect, of the continuing, of My creation.  There you are, right in the middle, of My continuing creation.  You are of Me.  Your spirit lives, forever.  Your human being status is temporary.  Time, upon the Earth, is fleeting.  But, the reality of it is, there is no time.  You are part of eternity.  Creation did not happen, and then stop.  It continues, now.  And you are an important part, of the continuing of creation.  See yourself, as such.  It will: alter your perspective, change the way you are living, upon the Earth.  Today, believe, and see yourself, moving, within the continuation of My creation.  See yourself, as such.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The instant you begin to believe, and see yourself, as a continuation of God’s creation, you will take, seriously, your time, upon the Earth, because you will see things, all around you, moving, going forward.  You are living, in the present piece of eternity.  Yet, you are acting as if you have all the time to do that, which you are meant to do, before you move through, this piece of your eternal life.  When you see yourself, moving, within the continuation of creation, you realize that, now is the time to do, that which are meant to do, upon the Earth, and continue.  You will not put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today.  Because, when you hear the call, that it is time, for you, to go Home, it will not come at, what you wish to be, a convenient moment, in your life, upon Earth.  So, take care of whatever you need to do, and then continue the flow, continue through.  Ride The Wind.  See yourself, as a vital part, of the continuation of God’s creation.