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May 6, 2019

   Today, take the time to look around you.  Notice the color of the grass.
Notice the fragrance of the flowers.  Notice the gentle rustle of the wind
through the branches of the trees.  Notice the way the sun touches each of
these, and brings light; and, if there is rain, notice the drops, as they remain
on the petals, and the leaves, and the stems, and the grass, reflecting the
light of the sun.  Notice how Earth embraces all creation.  Notice how
I embrace Earth, and all of her creation.  Notice how I embrace you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   You are living on Earth, and extraordinary planet, created with great
love, with great beauty, to sustain you, and hold you, and encourage
and support you, as you make your journey, as you follow the course
of your destiny, as you walk The Way.  Embrace all that Earth gives
you today.