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May 6, 2020



      The path of forgiveness requires patience, intention, and determination.  It is a long, winding path.  It often takes you back to places you need to see so that you might be willing to forgive completely.  As you proceed along the path though, you begin to know how to forgive, to know how to forgive completely.  Partial forgiveness is exactly what it implies, it is partially done, it is not complete, and until the forgiveness is complete you are not free.  But as you continue along the path of forgiveness, you notice you have a companion.  Your companion is patience.  You are more patient with yourself.  You are more patient with others.  The wisdom of patience begins to dwell within you as well as walk the path with you, because it takes patience to completely forgive.  It is always a good idea to set aside a few minutes of each day to address forgiveness actively, picking it up, volunteering, you might say, to work on forgiveness, for part of the day.  Forgiveness, complete forgiveness, can evade you, if you wait until it is time, until  there is no place else to turn, but to decide whether to forgive or not to forgive, and this can be challenging and daunting.  But if you begin to practice forgiveness a little each day, it will become familiar to you, you will understand the importance as you feel lighter.  Your body feels lighter, everything about you is lighter, because you are ridding yourself of the debris.  You are unclogging the passageways of your body, and in the process, you are free.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Some of the most rewarding things are the things that are most difficult to do, this is why it is rewarding.  You feel you have accomplished something, when the task is through, when the chore is done.  Forgiveness falls into this category, because very few do it completely, very few are willing to pick it up each day and make the review necessary to continue along the path of forgiveness.  Do so.  It will reward you.  You will be free.