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May 6, 2021



      You have heard it said that people know you, through the words you say, and the deeds you do.  And this is true.  People feel they know who you are, by listening to what you say, by observing what you do.  And this is how you can know Me, too.  Be still, and listen, and you will hear My Whisper, within you.  You will begin to know My Ways, as I guide you, from within.  And all you need do, is look, all around you, and see My Ways, in nature.  There are signs day and night.  Look and see all that I do.  See My Presence, and hear My Voice, in: blankets of flowers, covering Earth; the rivers, streams, and oceans; towering trees; majestic mountains; rolling hillsides; tranquil valleys; animals at play, and animals at work; people at play, and people at work.  Look, and observe, what is happening all around you.  And as you look and see, you will come to know Me.  Listen, so you might hear.  Look, so you might see.  In this quiet observation, you will come to know Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God speaks to you, every day, throughout the night.  You are just too busy, moving here and there, with work, and play, and family, and friends.  It is not that you do not care.  It is because you dismiss the truth, that God is there, with you.  I AM within you, to guide you.  You have read this.  You have heard this.  You speak it.  You say, you know it.  But today, show it.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Listen.  When the chaos and confusion is stifled, you can hear The Voice of God: in the rivers, in the streams, in the oceans, in the seas; in the whisper of the trees; in the humming of the bees; in the sacred silence, of the warmth of the sun; in the drip, drip, dripping of each drop of rain; in the breeze, which beckons you to pause, and just be.  Be guided, and know The Way, because you have heard God speaking, to you, through all of nature, today.  Look, and see.  Listen, and hear.  The Voice of God is with you.