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May 7, 2020



      Do not turn away from Me.  Do not try to hide from Me, even when you have stumbled and fallen into the biggest pool of muck and mire that could ever be, for I AM calling thee.  Come and sit with Me.  Do not hang your head, for I will say this to you, My child.  Look out at the trees.  They are still growing.  They are cleaning the air for you to breathe.  Look out upon the streams and rivers.  They are still flowing, providing water, so drink.  Look out at the gardens, the orchards, filled with fruits of the Earth.  Look and eat, for I give you My hand and bring you from the fall, and I say to you open your eyes and look and see.  Breathe, and drink, and eat, and while you do I will pour My love out upon you, in copious amounts, and I will say, now that you have looked, now that you did see, breathe, and drink, and eat, and love with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you have taken a tumble, or even tripped slightly, do not turn your back in shame or guilt, for God is waiting to tell you all the wonderful things you have done, all the noble deeds you have performed, all the right words you said at the most opportune times.  Do not define your life upon the Earth by the stumbles and the tumbles you have taken.  Define your life by the glorious things you have done, and the love that God has given.  Today, breathe, drink, eat, and love, for it is all provided for you.