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May 7, 2021


      I will repeat this, as often as necessary, until you believe it, until you know it.  And, even if you cannot embrace this truth, until you pass back through the veil, and enter into Home, I will still repeat it, because every time it is said, some small piece, some fine thread, weaves its way into your fiber, and makes it easier for you to believe.  You have everything you need, within you.  You have every gift required to make your life, upon the Earth, a success, joyful, happy, productive, and fulfilled.  You have, within you, The Wisdom of Heaven, in My Holy Spirit.  You have been given the words, and shown The Way, by Jesus.  I speak to you, and I wait for you to come to Me, second by second, minute by minute.  You have it all.  You cannot see it, sometimes, because your eyes are blinded to it.  You see the material world, and all that is in it.  And it is appealing, and often compelling, and you are drawn to it.  But the more you make the time, to set yourself aside, and be still, and quiet, you begin to feel Heaven, all around you, because you are in it.  Heaven is with you.  Eternity is now.  I cannot say this too much, because your life will be different, the minute you embrace this truth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The treasure, that is held within you, is far more valuable than the gold, and silver, of Earth.  It is far more valuable than the material things, of Earth.  It has greater worth than: the value you place on how others see you; or, what others think about you; or, if you have worth in the eyes of others.  You have everything you need, uniquely designed, and prepared, for you, so that you might face the mission that is yours, and accomplish the goal, complete the project, fulfill your destiny, and return Home.  There are things, you hold within you, that you will not say aloud.  And, you will not say them aloud, because you are worried of what others might think of you.  You hide your true value behind a cloud of concern, and doubt, and worry.  Here is the truth.  When you live, from within you, and you stay connected with God, that which you do, and that which you say, attracts others to you: who are also walking The Way; who are seeking The Hand of God; who are happy in the company, and embrace what you say.  It is in this way, that you live to your full potential, without hiding your glory.  You let it shine.  You tell your story.  Do not hide who you are.  You are of great value, unique, authentic.  You are the only you.  And your worth, is more valuable, than the greatest treasures, of Earth.  Today, be still, and seek the treasures within, so you might begin to use them, as they were intended to be used, in a sacred way, to illuminate your day, upon Earth.