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May 8, 2019

   Embrace this day, embrace the opportunity to take part in miracles
today.  As you follow your path, and walk through your day smile, and
be kind, be considerate, be understanding.  Smile when you encounter
someone wearing a weary frown.  Watch the frown begin to change,
maybe hesitantly at first, but with a few words of kindness the change
is complete.  This is not a small thing to do.  Every time you bring light
where there was once shadow or darkness you have delivered a miracle.
Every time your smile and words of kindness lifts another’s spirits in
such a way that they too find they can smile, you have delivered a miracle,
you have experienced a miracle.  Be gentle, be nourishing.  Watch what
happens when you take the time to be kind.  Deliver miracles of
kindness all day long.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   Be mindful of how you move through this day.  Do not set your
course, and complete each task, with your head down, never looking
this way or that way.  Pay attention to those around you.  Take a minute
to be kind.  Take an hour to sit and listen.  Make a difference in the
world today by delivering miracles of kindness.