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May 8, 2020


      It is possible for you to possess a cherished family recipe, for you to gather all the ingredients, mix them together, carefully following each step of the directions, and even wait patiently for it to bake, but until you take the first bite, and the glory of your lineage fills your mouth with wonder, you cannot know the value of that which you have been given.  You cannot know the worth until you ingest it, until you taste it, until you know it. 

And The Holy Spirit says: 

      Recipes, handed down from one generation the other, are more than just ingredients and directions set down upon an index card, or written on note paper.  If you have such a treasure it is actually a piece of who you are, part of your history.  If you have such a treasure, take it out, look at it, prepare it, and eat of it.  It will remind you, of who you are.  If you do not have such a treasure, let it be your intention to create a treasure which you will pass down.  All that is necessary is for to look around and see what fills your family and those you love with joy, and then write each ingredient upon a card, or piece of note paper.  Put all the directions on how to assemble the ingredients and mix them together, what degrees the oven should be, how long to wait.  Put everything down, so that they too might enjoy, and eat of their lineage later in life, after you have returned Home.