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May 8, 2021


      Treat all things, all people, as if you know, all things, all people, are sacred.  Treat the trees, and the flowers, and the very dirt you walk upon, as sacred.  These things spring forth from Mother Earth.  And until you see them, as sacred, as they are, you will never know, how sacred, you are.  As you walk, in the world created by man, you will notice this thought process, of considering everything sacred, all things that come from Earth, all animals of the Earth, all minerals of the Earth, the wind, the water, the breath of life, that you breathe, in the air, oxygen, all of these things, should be blessed.  But very few, are acting, in this way, of honor.  And, if you do not consider, that which springs forth, from Mother Earth, sacred, you will not treat yourself as such.  You will think of yourself as ordinary, a coincidence, something that just happened.  And I will tell you, you were created in a sacred way, as was the Earth, as was this day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be quick to listen, to what others say, and listen for a long time, because, as you listen, to what another says to you, you will then know what they feel is important, has merit.  And there will be a time, when you encounter a person, who, when they speak to you, you will be drawn to their words, you will be drawn to their tone, you will be drawn to the voice, and you will listen, long.  And you will realize that, that which they consider is important, and as important, is sacred.  Search for that encounter.  Search for that voice, filled with Spirit, and you will have a sacred encounter of Spirit.