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May 8, 2022


      “I AM with you.  Yes, it is true.  I AM with you.  It is not trickery.  It is not magic.  It is mystical, and divine, that I AM with you.  You walk, upon the Earth, right now.  Yet, you are not alone.  There are many sent to guide you, as you make your way, back Home.  Find comfort, in knowing, that, while you might feel alone, it only takes one step, within, for you to know, you are not alone.          


       “My message to you, today, is this.  You pay attention, to the foods you eat.  You pay attention, to the liquids you drink.  After you reach a certain age, which is often quite young, you recognize, the foods, which make you feel good, and those that are upsetting, to your body.  You recognize, the fluids, you drink, and you know the difference between those, that are good, for your body, and those, which bring a sense of illness, to your body.  The good, healthy foods, bring nourishment.  And as you eat, the beans, and the peas, and the tomatoes, and the cabbages, you take on that, which is in these vegetables.  You take it into your body.  And it is held, within your body, until all the nutrients are used up, and there comes the release.  There is no need to repeat, all the vegetables, and the fruits, and the varieties of liquids, that you can drink, that do this same thing.  They nourish your body.  And your body knows how to process these foods; and it takes, all the good, and releases, that which is of no use.  And the reverse could be said, with ill chosen foods, with foods, that are spoiled, with fluids, that might be rancid, or toxic.  These, too, when you take them, in your body, have an impact upon your body.  Most of the time, your body rejects, that which is rancid, or toxic, and it is released. 

        “You know these things, about your body, your physical body.  But, today, I want you to ponder, what is happening, in the spiritual body; because, as you move, through your everyday life, upon Earth, you are consuming, energies, to feed your spiritual body.  The thoughts, that you have, move through your body, as the nutrients, of the foods you eat, and the liquids you drink; and they have a great impact, upon your spiritual body.  When your thoughts, are healthy, and good for you, and sustain your vibrancy of spirit, you know it.  When your thoughts, are toxic, and vile, your spirit body knows it, too.  It can make you sick.  The consumption, of energy, by your spiritual body, is something that is not often talked about.  But it changes the frequency, of the energies, of your spiritual body, when you are consuming trash. 

      “Be mindful, of what you are consuming, be it your physical body, or your spiritual body.  Pay attention, to what you are doing.  Release.  Release.  I repeat, release, the toxicity, that is moving, through your spiritual body.  Do not hold it, within, your spiritual body.  Change your habits, in such a way, that your thoughts, are free, of the debris; because, as you clean your thoughts, your words become kinder, more compassionate, more tender, more forgiving, more loving.  You are very aware, of your physical body.  Take that awareness, to your spiritual body, and you will grow in health.

       “The spiritual body, the soul, that is what animates your physical body.  And that is what makes it so important to keep your spiritual body clear; because what is held, within your spirit, impacts your physical body.  The toxic, trash, held within, your spiritual body, often brings illness, to the physical body.  It all works together.  Pay attention to this, today.  You want a physical body, that is strong.  Now, set your mind to creating, a spiritual body, that is vibrant, strong, and sustaining.”