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May 9, 2020



      The first gift a parent gives to the child is love, and that gift of love sustains that child, and nurtures the child, building a foundation on which to grow.  I AM your Eternal Parent.  The first gift I gave to you was love, My love, and My love will sustain you and nurture you as you grow.  It will be a foundation for you to rise-up, and from which you will see all the possibilities set before thee.  Do not underestimate the gifts of love.  They come in many forms: a smile, a handshake, a telephone call, a genuine hug, a kiss upon your cheek, a warm blanket on a cold night wrapped around a little one.  There are many forms of love, but the first love you ever received was My love for you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, take a bit of time, and sit quietly, open to the love God is pouring to you.  Accept it with an open heart.  Participate.  Receive the love of God actively.  Let it fill you.  Let it touch every fiber of your body.  See it.  Close your eyes and see the love of God, flowing through you.  It is the first gift you were ever given, and it will remain with you forever.