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May 9, 2021



      When you are handed the mantle, the stole of authority, by those who trust you, it is an honor.  If you take, seize, or wrest authority, you find it necessary to demand enforcement of the authority.  One form of authority is an honor, a sign of respect.  The other is an act of force.  One form of authority leads all forward, to achieve greater things.  The other form of authority is often imposed for self-aggrandizement.  Authority is frequently misused and abused.  It is difficult to use, properly, especially when one finds oneself, in the role of authoritarian, without preparation, without advanced notice.  You often see this play-out in families, as parents assume the role of authority, over the children, and the family moves forward, or backward, depending on how the parent(s) assumes the role of the authoritarian(s).  You cannot force respect, or love, or honor.  Respect, love, and honor come with acknowledgment of the role of the authoritarian.  Within the family is where to see, and know, how to assume the role, how to wear the stole, of authority.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The good parent shows The Way, and shows The Way clearly, so there is no dismay, doubt, nor confusion.  The parent who wields authority, as a weapon, as a tool of enforcement, demanding one thing, while showing another, creates an atmosphere of dismay, doubt, and confusion.  The Good Parent, The Eternal Parent, sent The Living Word to show The Way, so The Family, the children of Earth would know The Way, clearly, without fear, or chaos, without confusion, or dismay.