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May 9, 2021



      “I AM with you.  As this new day comes to you, I AM with you.  With the song of the birds, with the sweet scent of the flowers, with the breeze, with the sun, with the rain, I come, and I shall remain, with you.  I do not demand that you take My Hand, I offer it, and ask you to come, and sit with Me, and walk with Me, so that I can show you The Way to live your life, upon the Earth, not only this day, but every day.


      “As you live your life, upon Earth, the society will choose special days, that honor, certain events, certain people.  And on this particular day, those of you, living in the United States, have chosen to set it aside to honor mothers, singling out the mother’s role of the parents.  Parents can find their roles challenging, because it is not taught, often, as you are growing up, how to be a good parent, how to step into that role of authority, without stomping and stepping all over the authority.  And, it can be, difficult.  But, one way, you can assume the role of authority, in a loving, positive way, is to take the example of your Eternal Parent.

      “When it became apparent, that the children of Earth, The Family of Earth, was lost, and wandering, in shadow and darkness, The Eternal Parent sent The Living Word to show The Way.  And I had clear direction, and guidance, from Our Father, so that: I would know, what to do, what to say, where to go; I would know, who to heal, who to touch, who gather into My arms, and who to whisper to.  I was taught.  I was shown The Way. 

      “It is clear, by the history of the world, that authority, when seized, is tenuous, at best.  It is forced upon the people.  When parents do not understand the role, have not been given guidance for the role, of authority, there is the temptation to seize authority, as a whip, as a weapon.  The Way is to show, how to do something, how to say something.  And, if you are demanding, that the children, of the family, do something, but then, they see you do the opposite, or even slightly different, from what you are demanding of them, this creates confusion.  It creates doubt.  And the doubt, melts-in, and undermines the authority of the parent.  The children loose respect for the parent, when they are dismayed, and uncertain, as to what the parent is saying to them, because you see, they are watching what you are doing.  So, in doing, you are saying.

      “Today, I speak mostly to those of you, who have assumed the role of mother.  This is a vital role.  And oftentimes, this role is assumed by one, who is not the birth mother, but the mother of choice, the mother, who steps forward, and says, ‘I am here.  Is it me?  I shall do it.’  Be mindful of what you are doing.  Do not say one thing and do another.  Think, every morning, as you pray, about the responsibility of the role you play, and ask God for guidance.  Ask God for guidance, as a parent, asking The Eternal Parent, The Perfect Parent, for advice, for counsel, for direction, and you will receive it, and you will know The Way is Love.  And even when you must ask, of the child, or children, that they do something, that they might find difficult, they will still respect and honor you, if they see, that you do, what you ask of them, to do.  It is not easy, but the instruction is simple.  Do, as you say, do.

      “This is the example God gives to you.  This is the example The Holy Spirit whispers to you.  This is the example I lived for you.  And, when it is difficult to do, ask, and God will guide you.  And in this way, you will be able to rise-, and do, as you say, do.  And those, in your care, will honor, respect, and love you, as they grow in The Wisdom of God spoken, and lived, through you.”