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November 1, 2019



      I do not spy upon you from a place far away.  I do not listen to the words you say from behind a closed door.  I do not tap into the stream of your thoughts.  I, My child, know your heart, for we are One.  I AM spirit, and I created you to be of spirit, first, foremost.  You carry within you, during your journey upon Earth, spiritual DNA.  You carry physical DNA, as you are born of flesh to walk upon the Earth.  But, your spiritual DNA shall override the physical DNA when your Earth experience is complete, and I wrap My arms around you, whisper, “It is done,” and bring you Home.  We are One.

                                                                And The Holy Spirit says:

      Physical DNA is strong, and if you follow the strings of DNA it will lead you back through many generations.  You can find the source of your physical DNA with much intention and dedication, and you will know more about your physical body, the way you look, sometimes the way you speak, and the things you do; but I tell you this, the spiritual DNA you carry within you is strong, and powerful.  And, you can follow the strings of your spiritual DNA all the way back to The Source, that is God.  This will never leave you, because it is within you, and a small way for you to understand, a bit, how it is possible to be One with God.