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November 1, 2020



      When you take the time, to get to know who you are, from within, you are, then, in a better position, to understand those around you.  Who, you are, within, is the real you.  And, who, others are, within, is the real them.  It is very, rarely shared, with those, in the outside world.  But, knowing, who you are, is vital, to understand the decisions you make, the things you do, the words you speak, and the thoughts you create.  Get to know who you are.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every time you make a decision, your past comes forward to assist, in that decision-making process.  And the reason, people make different decisions, is because their past is different, their heritage is different, their culture is different, their families are different.  When you understand this, then you will be more understanding of yourself, and others.  You see the decision-making process in a different light.  And you can use that light to illuminate situations.  And within this illumination, there is born compassion and understand, and from compassion and understanding, springs forth respect.