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November 1, 2020



      “I AM with you.  Rise-up, and greet, this new day.  I AM with you.  I AM with you from sunrise to sunset.  I AM with you all through the night.  All that is necessary, for you to spend time with Me, personally, is to acknowledge My Presence with thee.  I AM with you, and the only way you can begin to understand that this is possible, is to open the door of faith, and allow it to happen, one breath at a time, for it would not be any other way.  You cannot find a book that will tell you how to believe this is so.  This comes from within you, within that place touched by The Sacred Spirit of God.  That is where you go to believe.  That is where you go to understand who you are, and to believe who you are is a sacred, precious, child of God.               


      “In order to understand, who you are, you must be still, and go within.  Take the time, to take the journey, within, for you are not who you reflect to those around you.  You are more than your physical presence, far more.  You hold within you the seed of Heavenly Wisdom.  And, not only do you carry this seed within you, placed there by The Hand of God; but, you have, within you, The Holy Spirit of God, sent for the express purpose of: guiding you; directing you; and, showing you The Way.  All of this is within.  You do not carry, that seed of God, in your hand.  You do not have The Holy Spirit placed on a chain, to wear around your neck, for all to see.  These things are hidden, within thee, in the important place, the sanctuary, that is within you.

      “When you are faced with major decisions, that is where you go.  You go within to find the answer, the strength, and the courage, to make the decision, that is the best decision you can make.  Sometimes, you might find the best decision by asking family, and friends, or reading books, or listening to lectures.  But do you really want to count, on what others know, to make your major decisions?  No.  The answer is ‘no,’ you do not, because then it is the decision: of someone else; or, an interpretation, coming from a book; or, compelling words, coming from a speaker, or a lecturer.  You want to make these decisions, that come from within you.  In this way, it is possible to make the decision that will compel you, lift you, and anoint each situation, with the sacred answers, within you.

      “The decision-making process can be a challenging process.  It can shake your confidence.  It can leave you in doubt, about your ability to know which decision to make, which road to take, which place to go.  And if you listen, to everyone around you, you might become even more confused, as the answers pull you in this direction, or that direction.  But if you will go within, and sit with God, and ask for guidance, you will be completely enlightened, as you stand, as you rise-up, in The Light of God.  And this, will be your strength and courage, because you will know.  You will know the truth, as well as I did, when I walked upon the Earth.  You do not have to open The Holy Book, many times, before you see, or find, a passage, wherein words are written down, attributed to Me, saying, these are not My words.  These are the words of Our Father.  This was vital.  If you are to bring blessings, if you are to pave The Way to understanding, if you are opening the door to respect and compassion, it is best to do so with the key formed by The Wisdom of Heaven.  When you are holding that key, you are using The Words of God.  And God will not lead you to be greedy, or to seek revenge, or retaliation.  God will not tell you to be angry, or to strike another, whether it is with words, or your fist.  God will say, permit My love to flow through you, onto another person, or a situation.  You will be changed, because The Wisdom of Heaven will flow through you, bringing the change, and washing, from you, all the debris, that is stored within you: placed there by your life experience; by the life experience of your mother and father, as you heard them talk, and saw them act, as you grew; based on the life experience of grandparents, and aunts and uncles.  All these things, that you absorbed, as a child, will be cleansed, and washed from you, with this Wisdom of Heaven, flowing into you, and through you.

      “I encourage you, this week, with every decision you encounter, to turn-off the ways of the world, and go within, to that sacred chamber, within, and sit, and ask for guidance.  And you will receive it.  Once you receive it, ask for courage and strength to be restored in you, so that you might rise-up, with confidence, and make the decision, as it would be in Heaven, because you are in Heaven, now.  There is no need to wait.  Live, as if you know, you are in Heaven, now.  Live, and let The Wisdom of God, flow through you, now.  The world, created by man, is weary, and growing weak, and needs The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God.  Bring it upon the Earth, today.”