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November 10, 2019



      Through practice one perfects that which they wish to do, or that which they are led to do.  It is through practice that one gains confidence.  Through practice the dance is flawless in its movements.  Through practice the song is sweeter when it is sung.  Through practice the work is accomplished, and forward progress is recognized.  Through practice the ball arches just as it was meant to, before falling into the basket.  Through practice you gain confidence in all you are to do.  And, this applies to your spiritual life, as well.

                                                      And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you set an intention to learn to do something, you can learn on your own; but, learning on your own will probably take longer, will include some missteps, some wrong notes, some wrong choices before you find the way to do it.  But, when in making a decision to learn something new that decision includes a teacher to show what to do, then you gain confidence with the first step, with the first note, with the first opportunity for promotion, with the first play of the game.  Being taught by a Master brings confidence and success when you practice that which you have been taught.