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November 10, 2020



      Let this day be a day of celebration for: all the “unattainable” goals you reached, all the “impossible” conditions you overcame, all the “hopeless” situations you rose above.  When you find one such day of accomplishment, held within your memory, you will soon remember another, then another. Today, share these stories of triumph, so they become lessons for others, so you remember, that nothing is “unattainable,” “impossible,” or “hopeless,” when you take My Hand, and walk with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is a great distinction between not wanting to do something, being afraid to do something, doubting that you can do something, and that “something” being possible to do.  Many “impossible” things are accomplished by those willing to accept the task, with courage and strength, and faith.  Opportunities do not come to those who are not able to do.  If it comes to you, it is yours to do.  Therefore, you are meant to reach the “unattainable” goals, overcome “impossible” conditions, and rise above all “hopeless” situations, for I AM with you.