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November 10, 2021



On this day celebrate your life, in a sacred way, and then go beyond the celebration of your life, that you know upon the Earth, and open to the vastness of your eternal life.  You might not comprehend, at this time, the meaning of eternal life, but you can begin to know it by saying it, within yourself, over, and over, again.  “I am an eternal being.”  When you begin to pronounce it, it slips into your knowing, and in that way, you continue growing, spiritually, embracing the forever, less concerned about your temporary life, and when it will end, and what will happen, because you will have settled, within yourself, “I am an eternal being.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Take the knowing, that you are an eternal being, into yourself, as if you are a child of two, or three, or four, with no real comprehension of what has gone before you, or what is to happen the next day.  Kick the ball.  Eat the ice cream.  Kiss your parents.  Play with your brothers, and sisters.  Do the childlike things that bring you to the present piece of eternity, and then fill it with the song you are singing.  “I am an eternal being.”