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November 12, 2019



      The world can be a surprising place.  Just when you believe you have everything set, all is organized, something happens, which is a surprise.  The world holds love and also hate.  It holds peace and chaos.  Before you walk through the door into a new day, I reach-out, and ask you to come and sit with Me, for a while, and let Me touch you with My love for you, and let us sing, let us be joyful, let us smile upon the day that is coming your way.  Once we meet, and touch, and grow together, you are ready to walk through the door into the new day, prepared in every way, because I AM with you.

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are days when you will jump out of your bed, ready for whatever lies ahead; and, there are days when you pull the covers around your head not excited, but facing the day with dread of what you believe will come to you.  No matter what state you find you are experiencing, connect with God, before you get out of bed, and your day will be different.  Instead of dread you will be prepared for whatever you must face, and each challenge will fall as you face the new day in the hands of God.