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November 12, 2020


      When Jesus walked amongst you: He did not seek to sit on a golden throne; He did not seek to have those around Him believe He was better than they were; He did not seek to be set above others.  No, He walked with those around Him; and He talked with those around Him; and He sat and dined with those around Him.  He lived as those around Him lived; and He washed the feet of those around Him; and He said, “You can do everything I AM doing,” to those around Him.  He was as those around Him, but He stayed connected with Me.  Do the same.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       During your lifetime, upon Earth, you might receive special recognition, for something you do very well, in your field of endeavors.  You might be lifted to a high position, because of the work you have done, or possibly, because of those you know.  But whatever it is, and however you arrive at that place, you will find there are times, when you are chosen, to be lifted above others.  Walk with others.  Talk with those around you.  If you have a skill, and you are more accomplished than others, share your skill, share your knowledge.  Wash the feet of others.  Feed others with that which you know.  Share that which you have.  You have been given an example.  Follow it.